Why do I need rabbit insurance?

As with cats and dogs, rabbit insurance will protect you and your floppy-eared friend should things go wrong. We never like to think of our pets injured or suffering from illness. But if mishaps do happen, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can cover the cost of treatment and get your bunny healthy again.

Because surprisingly to some of us, the cost of treating a rabbit can be as much as treating a cat or dog. If your rabbit has an accident or suddenly falls ill, you could be left with a hefty bill you weren’t expecting or prepared for. A difficult pill to swallow (no pun intended!) if you have no backup plan or rainy-day fund. But by having the right rabbit insurance in place, you’ll know your bunny will be fighting fit again in no time, for just a small monthly cost.

With our insurance, you’ll both be in safe hands, even if your vet bills run into the thousands. And when you insure your rabbit with 4Paws, we don’t just cover the cost of any illnesses or injuries your furry friend may face. We’ll also pay boarding fees and the costs for finding your rabbit if they’re lost or stolen.

Many of us love our rabbits just as much as any other family member. Insurance lifts that weight off your shoulders, knowing your rabbit’s health is protected and paid for no matter what happens.

Why choose our premium cover?

Cover from 6 weeks old

Fees can be paid directly to your vet practice

Pay monthly with no extra cost

UK based contact centre

24/7 emergency claim line

Dedicated Pet Specialists

We can pre-authorise claims too!

Let us help you take care of your rabbit in their time of need. You can set up your policy online in a matter of minutes. Get a quote for your furry friend today.

Lifetime Policy

Your rabbit is covered up to £2000 per year for veterinary fees; also, you can benefit from an additional £750 cover, should your rabbit require any complementary treatments.

The policy provides essential cover against chronic and long term conditions and we even provide cover for more serious emergency treatments, such as Coccidiosis giving you complete peace of mind.

Also, in the worst case scenario that your long eared friend decides to go exploring; you can even claim for the costs of advertising and reward for their safe return back to you.

Veterinary FeesUp to £2,000 per year
Complementary TreatmentUp to £750 per year
Boarding FeesUp to £250 per year
Advertising & RewardUp to £250 per year

Fun facts about rabbits

  • Rabbits can turn their ears 180 degrees, allowing them to pinpoint the exact location of a sound. Wowzers!
  • Just like their feline friends, baby rabbits are also called kittens.
  • Bugs Bunny may have loved chomping his way through carrots, but carrots are high in sugar and should only be fed as an occasional treat.
  • Rabbits are highly social creatures and should be kept in pairs. Our bonny bunnies can become lonely and depressed if kept on their own.
  • Over 50% of the world’s rabbits live in North America.
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