Lifetime Contribution Policies

We are delighted to introduce our new Lifetime Contribution policies to our range of pet insurance products. These policies still offer extensive levels of lifetime cover, but may suit customers who want a more flexible pet insurance product by offering savings on your premium.

How does this work?

Should your pet need any veterinary treatment, we would cover 70% towards the treatment costs and you would contribute the remaining 30%. By contributing 30% towards the cost of each claim, we are able to reduce the price of your pet insurance policy.

You still have all the benefits of lifetime pet insurance cover and also, our 4Paws pet insurance team are always on hand to assist you if needed. We offer three types of lifetime contribution cover with veterinary fee limits of; £4,000, £7,000 or £12,000 per year.

How is the contribution payment deducted?

On all of our policies, the contribution is deducted from the total amount being claimed (subject to any other deductions). This means that all other deductions, such as your fixed excess and your vets claims administration fees are deducted from any claim before we then work out how much the contribution amount is.

Here are two examples of how our Lifetime contribution policies work:

A new claim for £210 with a £105 fixed excess that included £5 of food, would mean that there is now a claimable amount of £100. As your contribution excess is 30%, we would pay £70.

A continuation (further claim for the same condition), has been received for £500 and there are no deductions. As your contribution excess is 30%, we would pay £350.

What is the difference between Lifetime and Lifetime Contribution policies?

The benefits of our lifetime policies are similar to each other. The main difference is the contribution that you make towards each claim;

On our Life, Life Plus and Life Premium policies, you pay a fixed excess, then a 15% contribution once your pet is over 7 or 10 years old, depending on what breed they are.

On our Lifetime Contribution policies, you pay a fixed excess once per condition, per policy year. This is along with a contribution of 30% towards each claim, regardless of the age of your pet. With these policies, you still get all the benefits of extensive lifetime cover, but at a lower price.