Understanding your cat’s body language

Understanding your cat’s body language

Learning to talk cat

Do you know what your cat’s thinking? Are they happy, sad or playful? Well, by understanding their body language you can get to know what they’re feeling as well as what they’re trying to tell you.

The tail tells all

Looking at your cat’s tail can tell you quite a bit about how they’re feeling. Here’s what you can learn from the different positions:

  • Tail up.

Great to see you, I’m happy and cheerful today

  • Tail down.

Watch out, I might be scared or feeling threatened

  • Tail wagging quickly.

I’m not happy about something

  • Tail wagging slowly.

I’m just making my mind up about how I feel

  • Halloween-cat tail.

Leave me alone, I’m big and scary!

Listen to what their ears are saying 

As well as their tail, your cat’s ears are also a good indicator of how they’re feeling. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Ears forward.

Hello, I’m happy and feeling playful

  • Ears straight up

I’m alert and ready for action

  • Ears back.

Keep away, I’m not happy about something

  • Ears sideways or back

Watch out, I’m nervous or anxious

  • Ears back and flat against head

Back off or else, I’m scared or angry

Look into my eyes

Cats have beautiful eyes. But did you know that by looking closely at them you can find out how your kitty’s feeling? Below are some of the things to look out for:

  • Dilated pupils

I’m surprised or scared

  • Constricted pupils

Get back, I’m feeling aggressive

  • Staring

Come on, I’m challenging you

  • Slow blinking

Hey, I feel safe around you

  • Half closed eyes

Boy, am I nice and relaxed around you

Remember, your kitty will use a mix of body language. So, watch out for the different ways they show their feelings and in no time you’ll have learnt how to talk pussy cat.