How much is cat insurance?

How much is cat insurance?

The short answer is – there is no one size fits all answer. The cost of your cat’s insurance depends on a whole range of factors like age, breed, where you live and the level of cover you choose.

  • Generally, cat insurance is likely to cost more if you live in an urban area over a rural area, especially in London, as vet costs are higher in those areas.
  • The older the cat, usually the more expensive their insurance will be as they’re more likely to need a vet’s attention for age-related illnesses, unless they’re under one, when they are highly susceptible to catching an illness.
  • Certain breeds are more likely to suffer with certain illnesses or ailments, and so their premiums can often be higher than others. For example, Siamese cats are prone to respiratory and kidney diseases.

Cats are notoriously curious creatures, often taking themselves off on adventures all over town. Their exploratory expeditions can sometimes get them into a spot of trouble, from fights with other cats and falling from high places, to more serious injuries like car accidents. Like humans, cats can also pick up a range of illnesses and diseases whilst out and about, meaning they may need medications and treatments to get them well again.

Cat insurance is there to help with those inevitable vet bills. You’ll rest easy all year round knowing if your cat falls ill or has an accident, you won’t be out of pocket. If you don’t have the right cat insurance in place, you could end up paying hundreds if not thousands of pounds for vet bills.

There are various types of cover to choose from when it comes to getting cat insurance: accident, time limited, per condition and lifetime.

What is accident cover?

It pretty much does what it days on the tin. It covers injuries caused by accidents only, meaning that any illnesses and associated vet bills aren’t covered. Though this is often the cheapest option, its limited cover means that you could end up forking out a whole lot of money for vet bills if your cat gets sick – which can stack up to high amounts pretty quickly!

What is time limited cover?

Usually the second cheapest type of cat insurance, time limited policies cover your cat for any treatment for a short term illness, usually covering up to 12 months and to a certain capped monetary limit.

What is per condition cover?

This type of insurance caps the financial amount you’re able to claim per illness for your cat, however, it doesn’t have time constraints and so you can claim year after year for the same treatment up to a set monetary limit.

What is lifetime cover?

Typically the most expensive type of cat insurance, but also offering the most cover, is the lifetime policy. It covers most vet fees for your cat throughout its lifetime, with various set limits dictating different yearly costs.

It’s also important to remember that cat insurance doesn’t have to just cover vet bills, some also help when your cat is lost or stolen, offering the money for a reward.

At 4Paws, we have three different policy options to suit your cat’s needs and your budget. Take a look at what we’ve got to offer and find the cat insurance that’s right for you and your feline friend.