Celebrating National Pet Month!

Celebrating National Pet Month!

Did you know April is National Pet Month? That means it’s time to start celebrating our pets and the joy they bring, as well as to educate and raise awareness of responsible pet ownership.

Here’s some fun ways to celebrate throughout the month as well as a quick checklist of ways to ensure you’re being a responsible pet owner.

  • Make your pet a handmade toy!

For dogs, you can make a simple chew toy from an old sock and water bottle. For cats why not plait some old strips of fabric together to make a chasing toy, and for Rabbits you could cut some holes in an old cardboard box for an at home agility course.

  • Treat your pet to some new snacks!

We all love to indulge in some good food when we feel like celebrating, why should our pets be any different? You could combine a new type of treat with learning a new trick too.

  • Try a new activity with your pet!

Have you been looking at a new walk route you really want to try? Well this month is the time to try it, if there’s some water for your dog to jump in, even better!

For cats, why not treat them to some catnip or a new toy. You can also let your rabbit out of its runner and give it some exploring time. Rabbits love to dig, run and jump.

  • Take some pictures and make a pet photo-album!

Our pets really do grow before our eyes, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the changes and growth. By taking lots of pictures regularly you can remember the best moments and look back on your miniature furry friends.

Don’t forget to share any of your pet pictures with us on Instagram, @4pawspetinsurance. https://www.instagram.com/4pawspetinsurance/

For those of you considering taking on a new pet, whether it be a cat, rabbit or dog, here are our top tips to make sure you can be a responsible pet owner!

  • Only get a pet if you can afford to give it the life and comfort it needs.
  • Ensure that your pet is getting as much exercise as required for their breed.
  • Properly socialise your pet and train them as necessary.
  • Make sure to look after your pet’s dental hygiene, with regular check-ups and an appropriate diet.
  • Consider getting insurance for your pet that covers any accidents and/or illnesses.
  • Shower them with love and affection – they deserve it!