5 ways to keep your dog entertained whilst you’re at work

5 ways to keep your dog entertained whilst you’re at work

As much as most pet parents would love to stay at home and play with their pooch, many have jobs to go to, as such their dogs are often left to their own devices at home for a while.

Bored, lonely and anxious dogs can end up filling their time with destructive behaviours like chewing furniture or anything else they can get their paws on! That’s why giving them things to play with and keeping them distracted in between naps is a great way to keep them happy and out of trouble. We’ve come up with five ways to keep your dog entertained whilst you’re out the house, so you can enjoy what you’re doing and not worry about what mess you might be coming home to.

1 – Puzzle games

Leaving your dog with a puzzle game when you’re out and about not only keeps them occupied, it helps with any anxiety they may have as they’re distracted with the idea of winning a treat. There are loads of puzzle games on the market, with varying skill and difficulty levels, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect game for your furry friend.

2 – Hollow toys

Filling a hollow toy with a tasty treat like all natural peanut butter and leaving your dog to get through every last bit of it is another great way to keep them busy whilst you’re at work. Distracted by the delicious smell and taste, they’ll happily sit for hours working on the toy. Before they know it, you’ll be back home! You can mix this up by putting a range of different things in the toy, from peanut butter to chewy treats that are a little larger than the hole so they have to work to get them out, there are loads of options to keep them interested.

3 – Window watching

Watching the world go by is a great pastime – loved by humans and dogs – so putting their bed or a pillow near a window is a great way to keep them entertained whilst you’re out. If passers by are likely to cause distress and a barking frenzy, try and put their bed in front of a window with less distractions, so they can still see the outside world but don’t feel threatened.

4 – Dental toys

Not only do these keep your dogs entertained, they’re great for their gum and teeth health AND taste great (to dogs, not humans). Available in a range of flavours, there’s plenty of choice to keep things interesting, so your fluffy friend doesn’t get bored getting the same treat every day. Chew toys in general, from squeaky ones to hard meaty ones are great pastimes, not only do they keep your pooch busy, they prevent your furniture from falling victim to their gnashers!

5 – Dog walkers

A great way to break up the day whilst you’re not at home is to hire a trusted dog walker to get your four-legged friend out for an hour or so. Not only will it be fun for your dog, it’ll mean they’re getting plenty of exercise, maybe making some fluffy friends and burning off some energy. Walks during the day will also help limit any accidents in the house as they’re able to have a wee and poop on their walk.

There’s plenty for your pooch to be getting on with whilst you’re out and about, you can go about your day knowing they’re content at home. For those days where something doesn’t go quite to plan, or your dog is feeling under the weather, we have a variety of pet insurance plans on offer. From the smallest fluff balls to the gentlest of giants, our care plans are perfect for puppies all the way through to adulthood.

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