5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool

5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool

Getting out and enjoying the sunshine is what summer’s all about, making the most of the warm weather and celebrating all the fun it brings – like bbqs, ice creams, trips to the park and days out at the seaside.

We love to soak up every drop of sunshine our unpredictable British summers provide, but it’s important to make sure your pooches are keeping cool, hydrated and safe during the warmer months. Imagine how you’d feel running about in 30 degree heat wearing your fluffiest coat!

Here are a few helpful tips for making sure your dogs are kept safe, happy and healthy over summer:

1)   Keep them hydrated

Like us, dogs can overheat and get dehydrated very quickly on a hot day. Make sure you keep their water bowl topped up with plenty of fresh water, and remember to take some with you on your dog walk to keep them hydrated whilst out and about! There are loads of handy travel bottles online that have retractable bowls so your pup can grab a gulp wherever you are. Small ice cubes and frozen chew toys are another great way to cool your pooch down in warm weather whilst keeping them entertained – try adding some ice to their water or putting their bowl in the freezer to keep it cold for longer.

2)   Keep them cool

When inside, keep your dog out of warmer spaces like conservatories and away from direct sunlight by drawing the blinds or curtains. Make sure you keep cool air circulating through the room by opening the windows or putting on a fan. Laying down damp towels or a cooling mat on the floor gives your dog a nice spot to relax and literally ‘chill out.’

If you and your furry friend are outside, make sure you pick shaded spots to sit or walk under. Avoid getting your dog all hyped up and over excited with fetching games, as they’ll get overheated very quickly, instead try to keep them calm and enjoy a gentle stroll. If you’re in your garden, you could even set up a little paddling pool for them to splash around in!

3)   Prevent sunburn

Just like us, too much time in the sun can leave dogs with a nasty sunburn, especially white dogs or ones with white ears and noses. This can lead to painful blisters and sores, and can even result in skin cancer. Dog-friendly suncream is available, apply it to sensitive spots like the ears and nose, or if possible, try to keep your pooches in the shade.

4)   Plan your walks

Dog walks are a great way to get out, enjoy the summer weather and breathe in some fresh air. Make sure you avoid going out at the hottest point of the day, opting for early mornings or later evenings so the sun isn’t at its highest. Choose a route that has plenty of shade and isn’t too far so your pooch (and you!) don’t overheat.

Are you getting in a car to get to your chosen route? Make sure you don’t leave your dog in there if you have to make any pit stops, a dog can overheat in as little as 15 minutes on a hot day. If you see a dog stuck in a hot car, call 999 immediately. Lastly, check the pavement with your hand, if it’s too hot to touch then it’s too hot for your pup’s paws, avoid them getting painful burns and stick to the grass instead.

5)   Night time tips

Night time in summer can be hot and uncomfortable – for people AND pooches. We’ve all been there, too hot to sleep, the duvet shoved onto the floor and a fan shifting warm air around the room. Dogs feel it too! Try putting a cooling mat or damp towel where they sleep and leave a full water bowl next to them in case they get thirsty. It can also help to give them a cool shower just before bed, and take away any heavy blankets or fluffy toys so they have plenty of room to spread out.

Here at 4Paws, we love celebrating summer time by getting outdoors with our family and friends, furry ones included! These tips should help keep your dogs happy and healthy during the warmer months, but those days where something doesn’t go quite to plan or your dog is feeling under the weather, we have a variety of pet insurance plans on offer. From the smallest fluff balls to the gentlest of giants, our care plans are perfect for puppies all the way through to adulthood.